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HuMiX, the Human-Microbe Crosstalk Device

An in vitro Microbiome-Based Tool for the Investigation of the Human-Microbiome interaction

Published: 23rd March 2021
HuMiX, the Human-Microbe Crosstalk Device
Header image provided by university
  • Patent “microfluidic in vitro model for elucidating the molecular effects of simulated dietary regimens on gut microbiota and host cells” (Appl. No EP19802182.6, published as EP3880795A1; Appl. No US17/294,587, published as US 2022/0002655)
  • Owned by the University of Luxembourg and filed in 2018
  • European Patent Office approval: pending
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office approval: pending
IP Status
  • Patent application submitted
  • Know-how based