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Improvement of Power Quality in Electrical Smart Grids

An algorithm to optimize the power quality of the grid under any conditions

Published: 25th March 2020
Improvement of Power Quality in Electrical Smart Grids
Joergelman, Needpix, CC0

Technology Overview

The invention provides an algorithm to optimize grid quality by compensating for the effect of disturbances in terms of voltage harmonics and distortion power. The technology is based on the use of inverter-fed power devices with modern high-speed micro-controllers and an intelligent management of the different powers to be generated.

The compensation can be implemented on a self-sufficient single voltage generating power source running in stand-alone or grid-tied. It can also be shared and distributed on multiple voltage source inverters (VSI) of different powers connected on a utility grid.

Stage of Development

The invention has been implemented, tested and verified successfully in a simulation environment based on full proven theoretical models of the different involved electrical and control devices.


  • Superior power efficiency/ Improved energy efficiency
  • Optimization of the power production supplied by variable renewable energy sources (solar PV, wind)
  • Improvement of power quality under any operating conditions
  • LU92743 Patent pending: PCT/EP2016/063759 Priority date: 16 June 2015
IP Status
  • Patent application submitted